What Would It Be Worth To You To FINALLY Have A Profitable Strategy?
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Let’s be honest - you’ve dreamt about making Betfair trading thing work for a while havent you?

I know you have, because I was once there.

Right where you are now.

You feel like you make a little bit of progress and then BAM! You do something silly, only to see those profitable trades get wiped out! Right?

Or maybe it’s a time thing? Between the wife, kids and work you have limited time to actually make this work? You dream of this at every chance you can! But life gets in the way. Right?
Or maybe it’s a strategy thing? You see everybody else around you profiting and you are here, bumbling along with ZERO idea if your strategy is any good or not? "Will it scale?" "Should I sack it off now??"

Well if you are any of those people then you will want to keep reading this page. I am about to save you:


Awkward conversations with the wife

Having to keep an eye out for the boss while you try and research trades at work

HOURS looking at stuff that just doesn't work

How can I make this claim?

Well, 65% of my members are profitable. I’m going to share with you why and, more importantly, how.

Here’s the cold hard truth, most traders don't make it. They quit before they realize their potential.

Others hopelessly keep trying the same thing sitting on their hands praying this time will be different.


Because they don’t know the secret to becoming profitable: the strategy, the scaling, the results tracking, the time it takes. It all feels so overwhelming.

It’s not about working hard. It’s about having a repeatable system. One to save you time and make you money that is easy to follow.

That’s exactly what I did all those years ago, and it worked.


I shared it with my early members in Betfair Trading Community and it worked for them.

Since then, it's helped more traders achieve their goals than anything else out there.

My members are making money on Betfair daily with this system.

Because of this, here are the 5 things you'll get inside BTC that will make you a profitable trader...

One of the biggest pains when it comes to trading is knowing what games to trade.

This is why we have built our software the way we have. You can build your own strategies in our software and it will give you only the games that meet your criteria daily.


Imagine being able to go to Betfair Trading Community, log in, click Football (or Tennis) and then click your strategy and you’ve got the games researched?

Ones that you know that have the best chance to profit? How much time would that save you?

We don’t leave you to build your own either ;) Our members are all legends as well and have shared a lot of their profitable strategies, which you can import and then start getting those selections daily as well…


How much would it change your life to get a list of the best games to trade that day? All in under 5 mins a day? With all the information you need on one screen!

You will have every stat you ever need for Football or Tennis!
Community - people like you

When I started Betfair Trading Community over ten years ago, I did so because there wasn’t a place where you could talk trading and not be either made to feel stupid or the person you are talking to have ZERO ideas about what the hell you are on about. They just call you a gambler. 


Since those humble beginnings, it's grown into something that I am extremely proud of. I guard the community with everything. I started it on the basis that the only rule we have is this: "No question is a daft question". Now, we have a few more rules but this is still at its core. 


You can ask any question and feel safe to get an answer which will help you and not get mocked. It’s the best & friendliest community out there, you can talk trading, share ideas, share strategies and get feedback, talk about what TV shows, films you are watching, everything you want!

Pro Trader Coaching - get coached by the pro's

One thing that really separates us from every other services is our private coaching, where else can you get private coaching from 3 pro traders? 


That’s right by becoming a member you will have direct access to me, Martin & Adam. You are able to ask us questions about your trading and we are there to help you personally, what would it be worth to have a pro trader in your corner? Tweaking your strategies? Advising on Bank etc… 


Not to mention 3! We’ve added this so that we give you the BEST chance of succeeding, this isn’t the type of membership where you give us money and never see us again. You will see active in the community - A LOT!

Resources - sheets etc…

I’ve been at this game a while, which means I have built a few things to help me over the years. All of which I will share with you, there are tracking sheets, profit and loss sheets, automated results sheets, and league progress stats to name a few! 


Some of our members have even gone one step further and shared automation files for some of our strategies!

Think about it, how long would it take you to figure all this stuff out on your own? On top of that how much money you are NOT making.
Well, I have one final thing I’d like to give you to ensure
your success on Betfair which is this…
Strategies & Super Trader

The first thing I am going to do for you is every day you are a member start emailing you proven profitable strategies. These are really easy to follow and will set you up for success. 


I am then going to make you a Super Trader! Do you know what a Super Trader is? 

Super Traders hit Betfair for 6. Day in. Day out. 


I am going to give you my step-by-step system for taking want to be trader and building them into Super Traders! 


If you’ve been struggling for months or even years on Betfair, the BTC Super Trader System will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 


You’ll be armed with everything you need to become a Super Trader, how to pick a sport, how to pick a strategy, and how to research that strategy. 


All with over-my-shoulder step-by-step videos to explain what to do and when!

Software Walkthrough Video
Here's everything you are getting... 

BTC Football Stats Software - Get you daily selections in 3 clicks!

BONUS BTC Tennis Stats Software 

Access to BTC Community - People like you who want to talk trading.

Pro Trader Mentoring - 3 Pro's ready to coach you to profit!


BTC Super Trader System - Attacking Betfair Trading like a Betfair Super Trader is the only way to get easy, consistent green screens.

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ACCESS to BTC Community - Hundreds of traders just like you! 

World Class Support 

Pro Trader Private Coaching - 3 Pro's ready to coach you to profit!

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