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Easily compare the profitability of different strategies. 

Make more money by using a software that is specifically designed for Betfair Trading.

Fancy making some money from horse racing?

You’re in luck 

Well, 65% of my members are profitable. 

I’m going to share with you why and, more importantly, how. 


Here’s the cold hard truth, most traders don't make it. They quit before they realize their potential. 


Others hopelessly keep trying the same thing sitting on their hands praying this time will be different. 




Because they don’t know the secret to becoming profitable: the strategy, the scaling, the results tracking, the time it takes. It all feels so overwhelming. 


It’s not about working hard. It’s about having a repeatable system. One to save you time and make you money that is easy to follow. 


That’s exactly what I did all those years ago, and it worked. 


I shared it with my early members in Betfair Trading Community and it worked for them. 

Since then, it's helped more traders achieve their goals than anything else out there. My members are making money on Betfair daily with this system.

Because of this, here are the 5 things you'll get inside BTC that
will make you a profitable trader...

One of the most annoying things with trading strategies is collecting the data only to find out after all that work they aren’t profitable. 


You no longer have to wait to find out if your strategy is profitable or not. Plug it into our software and it will tell you how profitable the strategy is!  

You can then add this to your strategies. Therefore you will get those profitable selections daily!

It's as simple then as 3 clicks a day and you have your trades! 

We have members searching daily for strategies and have already shared profitable strategies totally £3K PLUS that you can use straight away. 


We’ve made sure our software is as easy to use as possible! We’ve created an extensive video library following over the shoulder videos breaking down how to get the most from this software. 


There’s also an inbuilt support system to get your personalized problems solved.  

Then there’s also the community of members helping others.  

It’s the easiest, quickest and best profit inducing software out there!

Potential Strategies

One of the questions traders asked us was ‘it's all well and good having software but I need it to generate strategies.’  

We agree, unlike some of the others out there we are traders first. Which means that we are using this software day in and day out. We will be working hard to build profitable strategies that we shall share with our profitable strategies.  

Using our software you will be able to build your own profitable strategies - in less than 24 hours you will be able to have your potential strategies tested and ready to use.

The data and strategies you want

This software has been built by one of Betfair’s best horse traders ever! Who knows the importance of the individual and every trader wants different data and different strategies. 

This is why you can add any of the data you want and build the EXACT strategy that you want to build - we have every piece of data and can build ANY trading strategy you could think of.

World class support

Here at BTC we know that trading can be hard, but we're here to help! 


Our world class support team is always available to answer any questions you may have. We're dedicated to making your trading experience as seamless and easy as possible. 


We have private coaching for all members, you get direct access to 3 Betfair Pro Traders. We’ve helped more traders go pro than anybody else!


We have a thriving community of over 300 Betfair traders! They're all passionate about helping others succeed. We have one rule at BTC, no question is a daft question - so you can ask for help without fear of looking silly. 


Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your trading to the next level, they'll be there to support and guide you. 


There are threads dedicated to the horse racing software, so if you have an idea for a strategy but aren’t sure how to build it there’s always somebody on hand to help. 

Want to see what it looks like?
Start using our software today and make some
serious profits from horse racing.

We Have Pricing Options  - Cancel ANYTIME - NO contract

Here's What Some Of The Member's Think...

You're tired of losing money on your trades. You've tried using other people's confusing horse racing software, but it never works for you!  

With our horse racing software, you can finally start making a profit from your trades. It comes with a back-testing feature that will show you how profitable your strategies would have been in the past. And you'll get your selections daily, therefore your profitable selections are only 3 clicks away.  

Stop losing money and start making a profit with our betfair trading Horse Racing Software. Our software is easy-to-use and comes with all the features you need to make informed trading decisions.  

Did I mention we also have world class support? ;) We also have a very engaged community who are there to help!

Backtesting strategies - See how much profit you'd have made

Bank builder stats - We will show you the exact impact the strategy would have on your bank

All the data you need to be a profitable horse racing trader

Pro Coaching - We have private coaching for all members

World class support so you will never get stuck

Get your selections in minutes everyday so you dont have to spend hours finding and missing selections

We Have Pricing Options  - Cancel ANYTIME - NO contract

You're Ready For This IF...

Passionate about making money on Betfair with the horses. 

Sick of not making making a success of your trading. 

If you've been wondering what you've been missing. 

Are prepared to engage and be part of a very fun community. 

Are prepared to WATCH videos in order to fully understand the software & trading - That are purposely designed to make you a better trading. 

This Is Not For You IF...

You want to automate bet placement on the Betfair exchange... BUT we're compatible with lots of apps that do this

Pricing Options For All Budgets 
Accessible to all...  

When we launched this software the feedback about the software AMAZING, but a lot of people said 'Listen you know what it can do, you built it... how do I know what it can do?' 

You talked and asked for the ability to get access for a smaller period to test it out. 

We listened. 

The options we have are: 

  • 1 Year - 499
  • 6 Month - 249 
  • Monthly - 49.99 
  • 1 Week - 11.99
  • 2 Days - 3.99  

This allows you to see the FULL software and get to grips with it, it's basically a first date - without any awkward conversation! 

What Our Users Have Said

Buy It Game Changer 

It is a really well thought out and functional piece of software that can rally help find profitable strategies 

If they were legitimately interested I would tell them to watch the free YouTube videos read some neutral reviews then try it  

Get it asap 

If they are serious about exploring horse betting/trading angles then this is a must have. 

Just do it. For the price per month this software does stuff that no other software on the market does! 

It’s great, you can test a strategy in seconds 

Stop procrastinating delays cost money

What Might Be Stopping You?
Your Horse Racing Knowledge?

Let me start by saying if you are prepared we are prepared to teach you. You don’t need to not buy because you don’t know about the horses that can be taught. 


We have one of the BEST horse racing traders ever leading the line with this, did I mention we also have the nicest community ever. Our members help each other. FACT. You could learn everything you needed to know within your first month - how would it feel to know everything you needed about the horses in a month? Then by your second month be ready to tackle Betfair with a PROVEN profitable strategy? 


Of course for the lazy out there, just sign up. Read the ‘Horse Racing BONUS Megathread’ add the strategies to your account and profit - without knowing the difference between the front & back of the horse!

I Still Won’t Be Profitable?

This one is almost impossible, why? Because you can backtest your strategies within seconds. Therefore you don’t need to spend months testing and coming up with ideas! Find out within seconds. 


Literally spend 1 hour building strategies and you’ll have a profitable one OR just use the profitable ones we’ve already found for you!

We Have Pricing Options  - Cancel ANYTIME - NO contract
  • Usually too much information, I don’t know where to start?
    There is an over the shoulder video library showing you exactly how the software works so you can get the most out of it, we have a custom support system as well so you can submit a support ticket and get a personalized answer. We are also super active on the forum and have threads built to make sure you get what you need.
  • Can I back-test strategies?
    Yep, you can back test your strategies and find out how profitable they would have been - it then allows you to get the qualifiers everyday to these strategies.
  • How far back does your data go?
    At present back to the start of 2021, we will be adding to this in due course.
  • I’ve never used any horse racing software. How easy is this to use?
    The software user interface is designed in a simple way so that anybody can use it, if you are stuck for any reason we are around to help and can create mini videos to help you get past where you are stuck.
  • Is this price per month or year?
    It's priced per month, you can cancel anytime.

    There is NO contract.
  • Why am I being charged for a trial?
    We don't offer any free trials. We used to, but it really hurt the community with non-serious people coming in, expecting miracles and leaving. Now you can pay for a week's access or 2 day access to try it if you like it. It will then auto-renew onto the monthly membership, however you can cancel at any time during your trial period.
  • What if it's not for me?
    We want you to be happy. In the unlikely event that you're not satisfied, we'll issue a refund (minus any transaction fees charged by external payment processors - usually only a couple of percent of the transaction value) if you get in touch within the first 7 days of your subscription.

    Some people have a "no questions asked" refund policy. Our is a "one question asked" policy. The only question we'll ask you is "What could we have done better?" :)​

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